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Our Vision and Mission

Mas Intercom Ltd. has been established in 1973 in Istanbul / Turkey within the scope of manufacturing audio and video equipment. Resarch and Development activities have brought the product range from audio kits to most sophisticated and up-to-date video systems in conformity with latest technologies. Home automation systems are being launched nowadays.

The aim of Mas Intercom within next 5 years is to be the most preferred brand in world countries. Mas has introduced numerous features which ensured a distinguished place among its competitors and facilitated the life of end-users and installers.

Products of Mas Intercom are the result of a long research, experience, know-how, imagination and effort. Perfection in design, conception and functionality are the main guides of Mas products. Furthermore, cost reduction works enable Mas to be competitive in World markets without sacrifying from the quality.

All Mas workers are conscious and proud of the mission and vision of their company and do their best to improve the line and performance and feel the challenge at all their professional life.

MAS INTERCOM exports to European Countries among other countries. We will keep to be most demanded brand with our new products and new Technologies in Turkey and world countries. We will keep our journey through other countries where we haven’t been yet.

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